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Usenet Newsreader Benchmark  v.0.9

Usenet Newsreader Benchmark is a tool for benchmarking the performance of your usenet newsgroup server. Learn how your server and internet connection perform, and compare the performance to other installations.

Gigi's Own Newsreader  v.1.3.0

Gigi's Own Newsreader is a simple and intuitive multithreaded offline NNTP Client for the .NET platform totally written in

NewzRider, a PhpGtk newsreader  v.1.0

NewzRider is a complete newsreader and written in Php with the PhpGtk library. Easyly configurable and

Yanoff PalmOS newsreader  v.155b2

Yanoff is a Newsreader for the PalmOS platform that allows NNTP downloading of news articles, posting articles, scoring and has a conduit

KNode - a newsreader for KDE  v.1.0

KNode is a newsreader for KDE, that intents to provide all the features the average user might want. It is easy to configure and use and features a pretty gui.

DownloadPlex NewsReader  v.1.0

free software downloads from downloadplex.

NomadNews Usenet Newsgroup Newsreader  v.2.10

Usenet news application that combines the features of a sophisticated news browser with those of a powerful automated news retriever - seamlessly into one intuitive application. A true multi-threaded 32-bit application that spawns up to 8

NoHaggleCarLeasing RSS NewsReader  v.1.0

News Reader for NoHaggleCarLeasing. Stay up to date with all the latest new leases added to the site via this desktop rss reader .

Bastille Newsreader  v.1.0

Break free from the tyranny of costly, poorly written commercial implementations of NNTP! Bastille NNTP is a series of C# classes that implement newsreading, posting and encoding/decoding of MIME attachments.

SINAPSA NewsReader  v.1.0

You can subscribe to RSS news channels on the Internet

FeedJunkie  v.1.0.4

Freeware newsreader for RSS and ATOM feeds with Outlook 2007 look & feel. FeedJunkie allows the user to search for feeds by entering search terms or an URL.

Local Website Archive  v.1.24

Local Website Archive offers a fast and easy way to store web pages from your browser permanently for future reference. Local Website Archive works with all browsers and also with other online tools (Email, Newsreader, etc.)

Gush  v.1.3

Gush is a free, professional grade, cross-platform, instant messenger and newsreader contained in an aesthetically pleasing environment. Some people say its drop dead gorgeous but were a bit more modest. Gush prides itself on being secure, full

Tristana RSS Reader  v.

Tristana Free RSS Reader is a free newsreader (does not contain adware or spyware) which allows you to pull content directly from the Web onto your desktop without email. Simply click and drag RSS feeds (those orange feed icons) to Tristana Reader to

Yanoff Minus  v.3.2

premier portable newsreader, you can read your favorite internet newsgroups ANY TIME, ANYWHERE. New Yanoff is the most customizable, mature, and fully-featured Palm OS newsreader available as well as a very capable, basic SMTP email client. It

MaxNews for Mac OS  v.1.3.3

A very flexible and effective Mac OS X Usenet newsreader supporting reading and composing both news articles and e-mail messages. In addition, it has been completely built from the ground up around one of the fastest SQL database engine with full

MicroPlanet Gravity  v.3.0.4

Gravity is a usenet news client for reading news over NNTP on Windows Operating Systems. Gravity has been a popular newsreader since 1996 when it was developed by MicroPlanet. The newer open source versions are optimized for the latest 32 and 64 bit

Claws Mail  v.3.7.10

Claws Mail is a GTK+ based, lightweight, and fast e-mail client and newsreader. Supports POP3, APOP, IMAP, SMTP, SMTP AUTH, NNTP, LDAP, multiple accounts, spell-checking, addressbook, SSL, GPG, filtering, i18n, & more. It is further extended by

ALX3000  v.1

ALX3000 is the "NeXT generation newsreader" for Mac OS X. Build from scratch using Cocoa it is fast and works well with all system services. The core of the application was developed by the authors of the popular Alexandra newreader for

JUsenet  v.0.00.03

JUsenet is a full-featured NNTP newsreader implemented in 100% Java. It should be executable on all OS supported by default Java JRE from SUN and give its users full access to NNTP

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